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Your Forever Diamond at Diamond Engagement Rings

Select from our unique and exclusive collection of diamond engagement rings and wedding rings that are available in a variety of cuts, settings, metals and stones. Each ring is designed to perfection with a combination of high-quality diamonds and expert jewellery craftsmanship.

Being the leading diamond cutters, dealers and jewellery manufacturers in UK, we have a variety of unique and trendy designs to offer. We can also design your dream engagement ring at a cost much affordable than all the other jewellery manufacturers in UK.

Just contact or call us on +44 207 2253038 to purchase your ideal diamond jewellery.

Engagement rings have been in tradition ever since the Ancient Egyptians as they believed that rings symbolise eternity and were to be worn on the left hand’s ring finger, which apparently has a vein connecting directly to the heart.

Diamond engagement rings, however, came into trend centuries later but have become quite popular and admired among the couples ever since.

We offer a variety of engagement rings ranging from the classic round cut to princess cut, including Tiffany Style Rings and eternity rings among many other options. We also have craftsmen who can design bespoke rings for you to add a touch of your individuality.

We know you may have many questions about how to find the perfect cut and style, how much you should be ideally investing and where can you find the most competitive pricing offers. So, let’s take you through all those queries first.

How much does an engagement ring cost?

There are many myths regarding how much you should be spending on the engagement rings, like the infamous ‘two-month salary’ rule which implies that the price of the ring for your partner should be equal to the total salary you draw in two months.

In fact, buying an engagement or wedding ring should be a fulfilling experience for you and that is only possible if you will consider your own financial situation, your partner’s preferences and the significance of that ring for you both rather than doing what others are doing.

Surely, you will have to cut down on your extravagances and expenses in the months preceding your month of the proposal, but you should certainly not risk your financial security.

Whenever you decide to propose your partner, do not feel pressurised to go out of your affordable range and with the online shopping options, you can easily compare the prices of the rings and get the best deal.

Why should you shop for engagement rings online?

Though it is cited earlier that your engagement rings do not have to be out of your budget, you should consider the fact that they are costlier than the wedding rings because they come with a diamond or a gem. However, it doesn’t mean that you will have limited choices. By shopping online for your engagement ring, you can actually get the same design and quality for up to 76% less than what you will get with the offline vendors.

Why Diamond Engagement Rings?

Ever since our inception, we have aimed to offer some of the finest jewels including wedding rings and diamond engagement rings and we have managed to maintain our quality by amalgamating modern technology with our proven history in the diamond industry. The passion to be creative, innovative and follow ethical methods to create the best jewellery designs in the industry has been etched down to every member of the organisation. It is the result of our dedicated, quality driven staff that we are a member of the British Jewellers Association and the London Diamond Bourse. Besides, all of our jewels are hallmarked by the Assay Office in the United Kingdom which will serve to give you peace of mind with your purchasing. And, we do not stop there! We aim to provide you complete satisfaction for your purchase with the following services:

  • Complete transparency about the quality of jewellery
  • Assistance and support in helping you choose the right jewel
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 28 days return policy

We know what an engagement ring means to you and your partner and with such an important decision to make, we provide all the assistance you will require in picking up the right diamond engagement ring for your partner. You can visit our showrooms directly, contact us through WhatsApp on the number given on the right-up corner of the page or simply fill in the form at the Contact Us page to request a call back.