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  • Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to pop the question you have been wanting to for a long time. We understand that it’s not easy to ask your beloved for a lifetime of togetherness, specially when you want the proposal to go perfectly alright. We know that you wish to put up the question ‘will you marry me’, in the most special way, and this is why we have listed down proposal tips. Still feeling nervous? Well, calm down and simply follow these rules to see the magic happening.

     1. Plan the time and the place

    To make your proposal all the more special, you should choose a location that holds some value for you as a couple. Also, try to pick a time when there’s no one around and just the two of you, so that both of you could completely feel and get immersed in the most beautiful moment of a new beginning.

     2. Choose the perfect ring

    Now this is the most important as well as the challenging part of a proposal, and you cannot afford to go wrong in choosing the right kind of ring.

    The way to buy the best ring for your partner is by considering their jewellery choices, having a close look at their collection or by taking the advice of friends and family (discreetly, of course).

    If you are still not sure about the type of ring, you can always take the help of experts at the jewellery store. At Diamond Engagement Rings, we have a team that will help you choose the ring that suits both your budget and your partner’s taste.

    We use the finest quality diamonds in creating designs of the rings, so that the sparkle, much like your love for each other, persists for generations to come. So, rather than struggling to find the perfect diamond engagement ring, simply come to us at Diamond Engagement Ring.
    3. Plan what you want to say

    You might be practicing for years about what to say, but when you are in the moment, you might just forget the heartfelt speech. We would suggest to make a note of things that you wish to tell your partner, on your phone or any other smart gadget and go through them before making the final move.

    Also, make sure that you write things straight from the bottom of your heart and make it sound romantic and touching.

    4. Try to capture the moment

    Since it’s a once in a lifetime experience, you should try to capture the essence of it by clicking the picture on your camera or smartphone.

    You can either set the timer on the camera or if you are taking somebody (probably a friend or family member) along, you can ask them to click the moment when your somebody special gleefully says a YES!

    5. Keep your mobile phone on DO NOT DISTURB (DND)mode

    This is a moment that’s meant to go down the memory lane, and so it deserves all your attention. You shouldn’t kill the magic of it by focusing anywhere other than proposing your partner. Keep your phone on DND mode and don’t let it disturb you.
    Perfect Proposal Tips

    Do you have any other query ?

    We have listed down most of the important points that would make your proposal an ideal one. But, if you still have doubts about the kind of ring to buy, you can always come to Diamond Engagement Rings where you will find everything, from simple bands to breathtaking designs.

  • Before we start, it is important to know that the first recorded engagement ring was given by Archduke Maximilian of Hamburg to his great love, Mary of Burgundy in 1477. It’s never too late to surprise your love with a Diamond Ring. Buying an exclusive ring for her is a big decision to make. It requires your valuable time and understanding about upcoming trends in 2017. Throughout the years, rings have taken on different shapes and settings, you should pick one that would never go out of fashion and will add instant glamor. Nothing could be more exciting and romantic than receiving a unique ring studded with diamonds from her partner. If you’re wondering how to choose the perfect Diamond Ring for her, then you’re just in the right place!

    We have curated some breathtaking Diamond Ring designs that will definitely make her fall in love with you again. Every woman is special, so why not make her feel special? Choose a ring according to her persona and style. Here you’ll find a collection of the top Ring styles to rock in 2017.

    Solitaire Diamond Rings

    A Solitaire ring is the most classic gift choice for women. Nothing can beat the power of its charm and elegance. It will always remain a popular choice among women and brides. The Solitaire Diamond Rings available at our online store are crafted to perfection.

    Cathedral Designs

    Cathedral designs would surely take place on the top list when talking about popular ring styles in 2017. These rings are really comfortable to carry and have low-cost maintenance. Our designers can customize these rings for you; we make every piece with utmost love and affection.

    Radiant Cut Diamonds

    Radiant Cut Diamonds is one of the unique and high demand designs which are a combination of round brilliant, emerald and princess cuts. Whether you’re looking for a brilliant cut or the perfect shine, rings with radiant cuts diamonds make a perfect gift choice for your special someone.

    Diamond Engagement Rings is a platform for diamond jewelry lovers where they can find a huge of diamond jewelry including Diamond Rings, Earrings, Bracelets and lots more! We use the finest quality diamonds in the entire collection to help customers get the jewelry that sparkles for a generation to come.

    If you’ ve got any questions regarding latest diamond rings styles in 2017, then you can contact us or visit in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter at our workshop at Hatton Garden.

  • Have you heard about the world’s most popular Engagement Ring? Did you manage to get a glimpse of this gorgeous ring? If the answer is No, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Though all Diamond Engagement Rings are gorgeous & have great sentimental value. But this piece of art is so exceptionally designed that it has been saved 103,900 times on Pinterest. Do you wonder why this ring is so special? I’m sure you’re aware of a solitaire diamond ring being the most sought after engagement ring style. The most popular Engagement Ring in the world right now is Art Deco in style & its 1.22 Carats solitaire ring with a two-millimeter width rose gold band.

    The ring was custom designed by its owner, Sylvia Billone. She opted not to disclose the price of the ring but described that this incredible piece of jewelry is a result of inspirations taken from other images she spotted on Pinterest. The design she has chosen is elegant and crafted with rose gold which suits every skin tone. Last year, the most talked about & popular, ‘Verragio Venetian’ Ring from American jeweller Raymond Lee racked up more than 63,000 saves on Pinterest.

    From planning the best proposal to selecting the everlasting Engagement Ring, this blog might be a great help. There are a variety of engagement rings styles including vintage inspired, ovals, colorful stones, etc. The couples can decide the design from this range, but a solitaire ring will remain on top of the list of every woman. It has been observed that brides-to-be spend most of their time checking latest designs on the visual bookmarking websites for wedding inspirations. And this time, the Solitaire ring with a stunning rose gold band has gained unwavering popularity by winning over 103,900 saves on Pinterest.

    Oh, doesn’t this ring look oh so gorgeous? Gentlemen, are you listening?

  • Prince Harry, 32 and Meghan Markle, 35 are setting goals as a couple; they have been dating for a while now. The couple has seen together attending the likes of Pippa Middleton’s Wedding in Berkshire, England, Prince’s best friend’s wedding in Jamaica and the two jetting across the world to spend some quality time with each other. According to sources, both are madly in love, their engagement rumours have started doing some rounds. The Suits actress is almost ready to leave her Toronto house to move in with her royal Beau into Kensington Palace. She has even closed down her website ‘The Tig’ and started making major changes in her personal life as well as career. Their marriage seems likely to be in the cards in the future, but before a wedding can happen, deciding on an Engagement Ring is important. If Prince Harry does propose to his lady love, what type of ring he might present?

    Being from the royal background, Harry has access to a vast collection of jewels. Meghan has a remarkable jewellery choice, and she loves emeralds. According to the Daily Star, Harry wants to use his mom’s emerald gems from a headband to turn it into an Engagement Ring for her. Princess Diana wore this emerald studded necklace during her tour in Australia in 1988. The most gorgeous and special Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring has already been given by Prince William to Kate Middleton upon their engagement. This stunning ring that once presented to Princess Diana by Prince Charles upon their engagement and which has now resided beautifully on the hand of the Kate Middleton since she and Prince William first became engaged.

    But choices doesn’t end here, Princess Diana jewellery collection was pretty huge. As a result, Harry would choose a ring which is close to his heart & belongs to his mom’s or designs his own ring for Meghan. He might also remodel one of two Royal Engagement Rings gifted to the Queen mother by King George VI, the ring was a large Sapphire set in Welsh gold which was later replaced with a classy pearl encircled with radiant diamonds.

    With a wide range of choices to choose from, Prince Harry might present his girlfriend a Diamond Engagement Ring by using his mother’s jewellery. After analyzing Meghan Markle’s jewelry taste top designers suggests that a classic Solitaire diamond ring would be an ideal choice. The most likely option has been assumed to be a special central colored gem taken from royal Diana’s tiaras or necklaces surrounded with a cluster of diamonds by the renowned jewelry expert. Or Harry, being the rebel he is shown to be by the media, may just opt to purchase a brand new designer solitaire Emerald or Diamond ring, keeping the family jewels intact…or if he is cheeky enough to bear the wrath of Meghan, a silver zirconia may do? We should soon know!

    You can checkout our beautiful diamond engagement rings collection!

  • Are you getting engaged? An engagement is the most joyous and exciting occasion in a couple’s life where an Engagement Ring has a pivotal role. It symbolizes love and commitment, presenting a ring to your partner on this special day is a tradition that has spanned centuries. There are a lot of questions and inspirations that come to mind when searching for a Diamond Engagement Ring. You have endless ring designs to choose from, but Vintage Engagement Rings will always remain the most popular choice of all time, all thanks to its impeccable opulence and rich history. Vintage jewellery comes in a huge variety of styles and designs, today many brides find vintage style most interesting. There were five major time periods in jewelry from the 1700’s to the 1950’s. Each era showcased a distinct aesthetic and charmed everyone with its delicacy. Let's see how Engagement Rings have changed throughout time?

    diamond engagement rings

    Georgian Engagement Rings

    (1714- 1837)

    The Georgian period was between 1714 and 1837 and lasted over 100 years through first four English kingdoms, George I, George II, George III, George
    IV. The Georgian jewelry is quite rare and expensive, commonly used gemstones were garnet, topaz, amethyst, sapphires, and other lavish stones. Metals like 18k gold and silver were typically used in crafting Engagement Rings.

    Victorian Engagement Rings

    (1837- 1901)

    A widely known, the Victorian era was named after Queen Victoria of England. The love and romance of the Queen and King Albert were commonly seen in the jewelry designs in the form of romantic symbols like flowers, hearts, and lots more! Birthstones were greatly used instead of diamonds for Engagement Rings.

    Art Nouveau Engagement Rings

    (1895- 1915)

    The Art Nouveau period was derived from the French word for ‘New Art’. Art Nouveau Engagement Rings exhibited designs that are soft, whimsy and emblematic. The jewelry from this period is mostly handcrafted and artistic.

    Edwardian Engagement Rings

    (1901- 1915)

    The Edwardian era existed during the reign of King Edward of England. The Edwardian jewelry was intricately crafted; the designs were more elaborate and decorative. Diamonds was the most sought after choice during the time. Moreover, this style was delicate, feminine and light.

    Art Deco

    (1915- 1935)

    The Art Deco era, emerging after the conclusion of World War I displayed sharp lines, bold geometric shapes in jewelry. The Engagement Rings from this period are eye-catching, vivid and distinct.

    Confused to choose a Vintage Engagement Ring style for you or for your partner? We hope all the information above will help you pick the most worthy style.

    Diamond Engagement Rings is the most trusted jeweler of this time that offers an impressive range of Vintage Engagement Rings.

    Engagement Rings Inspiration

  • The tradition of giving Engagement Rings dates back to ancient times. In the recent years, we have seen a great change in the Engagement Ring shopping, ring styles, and ways of presenting this token of love and commitment. Today couples seem excited to celebrate every special moment of their wedding together. The occasions they’re indulging entails shopping their rings together, sharing the cost and interested in selecting unique designs or unconventional shapes that can complement their personality. Not so long ago, it was so easy to choose from limited styles like it can be a princess cut or a round cut, but now we have huge choices out there. Previous generations desired gold, diamonds, and classic settings. New generation women wish for classic rings but with a twist, Tiffany Style Rings, Cushion Cut are just to name a few; some love Vintage Rings over others, there is endless options that are becoming favorite these days.

    diamond rings

    There are varieties of Engagement Rings that you can either find at a jewelry store or online! Here in this guide, we’ll talk about the change of Ring purchases, shifting styles & choices and giving a special ring over the past decades.

    Unique Rings Over Traditional

    These days, brides are switching over to unique shapes, unusual settings, colored gemstones rather sticking to the traditional diamond gold ring. In spite of metals like gold, most couple’s picking platinum or white gold. Couples are making a statement by choosing from the different styles of rings such as Tiffany Style Rings, Vintage Rings, Halo Style and the list goes long.

    Advanced Shopping Manner

    People want their ring to be unique and special; it should have a story. The way of shopping for an Engagement Ring has changed over the years, moving away from the local jewelry store or a mall to buying online! With the rise of the World Wide Web, you can search and buy a ring online. Brides are taking inspirations from Pinterest, Instagrams, Facebook, or other social media platforms. It allows discovering multiple styles, settings, shapes, gemstones, and you can even find customized designs. Purchasing online are saving lots of bugs as jewelry stores are much more expensive.

    A Couple’s Decision

    Though all other decisions of the wedding are important, but Engagement Rings has great significance. Brides are not shy anymore discussing choices and settings she adores with their husbands-to-be. Even grooms are open about their choices and want brides to join them. Most couples prefer buying their Engagement Rings together, in these changing economies, they’re even splitting the cost of rings. What more you can expect in love?


    Do you want an Engagement Ring that the other girl already has? The answer will definitely be a big No. This has driven most brides-to-be and couples to get their rings customized according to their personal style and budget. People want a ring that can reflect their personality and something which is vintage and modern at the same time.

    Though a traditional diamond studded ring is timeless, they can never go out of fashion. But there are varieties of options you can find online, it is highly important to choose an Engagement Ring that can signify your personal style and that you can adore in your complete life. Some of the most favorite rings of 2017’s are Tiffany Style Rings, Eternity Rings, Vintage Style, Halo Rings and more!

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