Diamonds are the most radiant, precious and popular gemstone in the world. It is hard to believe if there is any woman on the earth who doesn’t love fascinating diamonds. Diamond Rings are special, and engagement rings are about tradition. Diamonds are not just beautiful but they have great value, represents true love & commitment. There are some interesting facts and myths about Diamond Engagement Rings which are not true and you possibly didn't know about:

Round Diamond is the Best

Round brilliant diamonds are most famous and much-loved diamond shapes all around the world. But there are many other shapes available which you can like such as cushion cut, oval, marquise, pear, princess, heart and others! You might not know this but round shapes are usually expensive than other options. They are difficult to create and to bring out the maximum shine from them especially when they are coloured diamonds. Always remember that it is not necessary that your partner will also like the round diamond rings as you like.  

Bigger Stone is a Better Stone

Going for the biggest diamond size is a great thought but to consider other factors is equally important. Many people choose big diamonds just due to their large size; other features like clarity, cut, and the colour are generally ignored. These attributes can help to identify the quality of a diamond so you can choose the perfect ring, which is near to your preferred size and budget.

Trusting a Jeweler Completely    
You know you’ve chosen a reputed and trusted jeweller; they will offer the highest-quality diamond rings. But you can’t assure that your partner will also like the ring as they may have a different choice or dreams. It is important to pick a style that can best suit her; you should never leave a decision on the jeweller.

The Diamond Engagement Ring Should Be a Surprise

It’s been a myth that a proposal and the diamond engagement ring should be a surprise, but nowadays many brides-to-be love to go for their engagement ring shopping. This can help them choose the design according to their taste and personality.

A Diamond Ring Has to Be Two or Three Month’s Salary

Spending around two or three month’s salary on a diamond engagement ring is the age-old myth. There is no rigid rule on how much you should spend on an engagement ring; it entirely depends on your budget and the choice of design. By considering the 4Cs of diamond, you can make the best choice within your budget.

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