Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to pop the question you have been wanting to for a long time. We understand that it’s not easy to ask your beloved for a lifetime of togetherness, specially when you want the proposal to go perfectly alright. We know that you wish to put up the question ‘will you marry me’, in the most special way, and this is why we have listed down proposal tips. Still feeling nervous? Well, calm down and simply follow these rules to see the magic happening.

 1. Plan the time and the place

To make your proposal all the more special, you should choose a location that holds some value for you as a couple. Also, try to pick a time when there’s no one around and just the two of you, so that both of you could completely feel and get immersed in the most beautiful moment of a new beginning.

 2. Choose the perfect ring

Now this is the most important as well as the challenging part of a proposal, and you cannot afford to go wrong in choosing the right kind of ring.

The way to buy the best ring for your partner is by considering their jewellery choices, having a close look at their collection or by taking the advice of friends and family (discreetly, of course).

If you are still not sure about the type of ring, you can always take the help of experts at the jewellery store. At Diamond Engagement Rings, we have a team that will help you choose the ring that suits both your budget and your partner’s taste.

We use the finest quality diamonds in creating designs of the rings, so that the sparkle, much like your love for each other, persists for generations to come. So, rather than struggling to find the perfect diamond engagement ring, simply come to us at Diamond Engagement Ring.
3. Plan what you want to say

You might be practicing for years about what to say, but when you are in the moment, you might just forget the heartfelt speech. We would suggest to make a note of things that you wish to tell your partner, on your phone or any other smart gadget and go through them before making the final move.

Also, make sure that you write things straight from the bottom of your heart and make it sound romantic and touching.

4. Try to capture the moment

Since it’s a once in a lifetime experience, you should try to capture the essence of it by clicking the picture on your camera or smartphone.

You can either set the timer on the camera or if you are taking somebody (probably a friend or family member) along, you can ask them to click the moment when your somebody special gleefully says a YES!

5. Keep your mobile phone on DO NOT DISTURB (DND)mode

This is a moment that’s meant to go down the memory lane, and so it deserves all your attention. You shouldn’t kill the magic of it by focusing anywhere other than proposing your partner. Keep your phone on DND mode and don’t let it disturb you.
Perfect Proposal Tips

Do you have any other query ?

We have listed down most of the important points that would make your proposal an ideal one. But, if you still have doubts about the kind of ring to buy, you can always come to Diamond Engagement Rings where you will find everything, from simple bands to breathtaking designs.