How much do you know about Diamond Rings trends for 2018? I am sure many of us are aware of these trends and if not we should make sure to keep us updated. Have you ever thought which ring styles are outdated and not to invest in them? An engagement or a wedding ring is a symbol of love and commitment, but it is a great investment too. When you buy a real diamond ring, it is important to know that spending on which styles are valuable and what designs to ignore.

Diamonds are forever, you’ve chosen a partner for life, now is the time to buy the perfect ring for a special person in your life. On the other part, it is good to be well prepared in advance to not buy into outmoded diamond rings trends. It is your responsibility to make your partner feel special about the precious ring. When buying a ring, always ensure that you’re investing in something which is classic, popular and evergreen.

Three Stone Ring Over A Brilliant Solitaire

Are you a big white diamond solitaire fan ladies? Let us tell you that this style is not anymore in fashion. However, the choice is yours, you’ve other options as well like in spite of a white diamond, you can even choose black, grey, champagne or others for a classy look. The three stone engagement ring is all the rage, thanks to Meghan Markle. There are varied design possibilities in this particular design, you can choose from numerous diamond shapes, sizes and diamond colours.

Rose Gold Over Other Metals

Rose gold as a metal for rings has taken the market by storm, yellow gold, white gold or other metals are less preferable. Not just in rings, you can see rose gold everywhere, in decor, in different jewellery, etc. It is advised to ignore other metals over rose gold for rings that are very much in demand nowadays.

Oval Shapes Over Others

Choosing other shapes than the oval can be traditional or out of demand. This is the most popular ring shape of the season, famous celebrities who have been spotted with oval diamond rings are Serena Williams, Ashley Greene and Blake Lively.

Fancy Yellow Diamonds Over Others

When we think of the beautiful diamond rings, there are unlimited options available. Fancy Yellow Diamond Rings are one of the celeb favourite ring styles. So, if you are thinking of any other coloured diamond ring, think twice.

We hope now you better know which diamond ring style to pick and what trends to ignore to stay fashionable. At Diamond Engagement Rings, we design the most trendy and impeccable rings so that our customers will never regret their purchase.

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