Prince Harry, 32 and Meghan Markle, 35 are setting goals as a couple; they have been dating for a while now. The couple has seen together attending the likes of Pippa Middleton’s Wedding in Berkshire, England, Prince’s best friend’s wedding in Jamaica and the two jetting across the world to spend some quality time with each other. According to sources, both are madly in love, their engagement rumours have started doing some rounds. The Suits actress is almost ready to leave her Toronto house to move in with her royal Beau into Kensington Palace. She has even closed down her website ‘The Tig’ and started making major changes in her personal life as well as career. Their marriage seems likely to be in the cards in the future, but before a wedding can happen, deciding on an Engagement Ring is important. If Prince Harry does propose to his lady love, what type of ring he might present?

Being from the royal background, Harry has access to a vast collection of jewels. Meghan has a remarkable jewellery choice, and she loves emeralds. According to the Daily Star, Harry wants to use his mom’s emerald gems from a headband to turn it into an Engagement Ring for her. Princess Diana wore this emerald studded necklace during her tour in Australia in 1988. The most gorgeous and special Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring has already been given by Prince William to Kate Middleton upon their engagement. This stunning ring that once presented to Princess Diana by Prince Charles upon their engagement and which has now resided beautifully on the hand of the Kate Middleton since she and Prince William first became engaged.

But choices doesn’t end here, Princess Diana jewellery collection was pretty huge. As a result, Harry would choose a ring which is close to his heart & belongs to his mom’s or designs his own ring for Meghan. He might also remodel one of two Royal Engagement Rings gifted to the Queen mother by King George VI, the ring was a large Sapphire set in Welsh gold which was later replaced with a classy pearl encircled with radiant diamonds.

With a wide range of choices to choose from, Prince Harry might present his girlfriend a Diamond Engagement Ring by using his mother’s jewellery. After analyzing Meghan Markle’s jewelry taste top designers suggests that a classic Solitaire diamond ring would be an ideal choice. The most likely option has been assumed to be a special central colored gem taken from royal Diana’s tiaras or necklaces surrounded with a cluster of diamonds by the renowned jewelry expert. Or Harry, being the rebel he is shown to be by the media, may just opt to purchase a brand new designer solitaire Emerald or Diamond ring, keeping the family jewels intact…or if he is cheeky enough to bear the wrath of Meghan, a silver zirconia may do? We should soon know!

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