You might have been romanticizing about your perfect engagement ring ever since you thought of being someone’s special and when you get such a ring, you get all the reasons to keep it sparkly and shiny as ever before. As your ring is special to you, so should be its care a priority, which is why we have written points to guide you with its care. Below written are the steps to follow for proper care of engagement ring:

1.Get your ring insured

We are keeping this point at number one position as this is of utmost importance. Many brides make this mistake of not getting their rings insured and suffer when the ring gets lost, stolen or damage. If you get your jewellery appraised and insured for its full replacement value, you’ll be covered if it’s ever lost, stolen or damaged.

 2. Don’t remove your ring in public places

 The maximum chances of loosing a ring arise when you remove them in public places, try not to take it off when using places like public restrooms, and even if you do, remember to wear it back.


3. Avoid touching the diamond or the other stones

Another way of taking good care of diamond engagement ring is to avoid touching the diamond embedded in the band or the centre. Yes! Try to take off and put on the ring by holding the band and not the diamonds of the ring. Why, you ask? Well, because diamonds tend to attract the dust, dirt and body oils, which, if settled in the ring are difficult to remove from the intricate and delicate work.

4. Don’t wear it to the gym

There’s no denying the fact that diamond is the world’s hardest natural material, but at the same time, it may chip if put under pressure on a daily basis. Also, the ring’s band may bend under pressure, so it is recommended not to wear the ring while playing a sport or doing any other hands-on activity.

Don’t wear it to the gym


5.Clean it regularly, but never with with harsh chemicals

 Regular cleaning of the ring is a must if you want to retain its charm for forever. However, we would recommend that you shouldn’t use any harsh chemicals or bleach for the same, as it may dull the finish of the ring and may make it look worse than good. Furthermore, it is always better to go for the expert cleaning process offered by jewellers.

6.Store it properly

Do not make the mistake of storing your diamond engagement ring along with the other types of jewellery as it may take a toll on the quality of diamond and vice versa. You should prefer storing your precious ring in a safe place; in a separate box that has a soft fabric or cotton to protect your prized possession.

Store it properly

 7.Schedule monthly maintenance appointments with jeweller

 You may not figure out or may do it later, but your jeweller will get to know if your diamond is coming loose or there’s some minor crack in it. Not only will you get to know about probable defects in your ring, but regular check ups will also ensure that you’ll get your ring looking like new. In short, your diamond engagement ring will look great for many more years to come.

 Schedule monthly maintenance appointments with jeweller