Tiffany Style Rings

Confused which Tiffany style ring to choose? I’m sure you must’ve heard of Tiffany setting before but have you ever give some thought what does it really mean. What’s so special about this setting? In the blog post, you’ll find about history, meaning, and why the Tiffany setting is one of a favorite choice when choosing an engagement ring or any other variety of jewelry.

It’s the most popular engagement ring style in the world that has brilliant aesthetics. The Tiffany style rings are loved by many celebrities and normal people alike. Also described as Tiffany diamond solitaire rings, this most unique & elegant ring style is always high in demand. Charles Lewis Tiffany is the man who introduced majestic Tiffany setting way back in the late 1800’s. In this famous setting, a diamond above the ring band is raised up and held securely by raised claws, usually six, but sometimes four. The Lewis simple idea of raising a diamond that allows maximum light to pass through to let it shine at its best become so famous & now is supposed to be the most sought after engagement ring style.

When people talk about the immensely successful Tiffany style ring, they’re focusing on its multi pronged solitaire setting. Don’t forget the purpose behind creating the setting, it is to highlight the diamond in the best possible way. The Tiffany setting is the classic choice of all time despite more than 100 years of history. There are many Tiffany style engagement rings options in the market which are known to add instant charm and glamour. The Tiffany style ring design has set the standard for how engagement rings should look, one that is highly favored. With the use of less metal, this style will not only showcase the beautiful diamond but make a diamond shine vivaciously.

For people who want to pick a unique engagement ring style, an elegant, simple, graceful Tiffany style ring will be the best choice that will last forever. Shop for striking Tiffany style rings offered by Diamond Engagement Rings