Choosing the Perfect Wedding Rings for you and your partner can be quite tricky because it is an item that will not just represent your bond, but also something that are going to carry for a lifetime. Now whether you choose to match your wedding rings is entirely your personal decision. There is no standard rule or trend that would state what will look good and what won’t.

If you are one of those people who cannot seem to decide which option to go for, then we have the perfect solution for you – Match your wedding rings without really matching them! The solution is to incorporate your individual ideas in a subtle way whilst maintaining a likeness which will suit you both.

Interestingly, you can match your rings without making them identical merely by getting minimal detailing integrated in both of your rings, and we are going to tell you how you can get two halves to make a perfect set.


One of the most admired techniques of making two different rings feel like they belong together is by engraving something personal on the inside of both the rings. It could be your names, wedding date, the date of your first meeting or a phrase that is close to both of your hearts. In fact, you can also add your partner’s fingerprint or the pattern of your partner’s heartbeat saying your name, if you want to make it more meaningful.



The one detail that could make both the rings look similar even though they will have different design or stone is the base element of the rings, that is, the metal used in them. You can keep the same color of metal for both the rings and they would look like a part of the set even if they will be completely distinctive otherwise.

Diamonds or Gemstones

 If you feel that same metal will not compliment both of your skin tones, then you can go for having the same gemstone or diamond on your rings. It could be a single store or a row of diamonds, depending on your preference. However, if you want your wedding band to be plain then you can include a single diamond on the inside also. It will be a detail that will be shared just between the two of you.


Though a highly polished surface is the classic choice for wedding rings, you can go for other unique textures that look really trendy and you both like mutually. You can have a matte finish, etched surfaces or even get a symbolic pattern that represents your bond engraved on the outside of both of your rings.


When it comes to weddings bands, there are many eras of designs that have been an inspiration for many couples. Conceivably you both share a common fondness for a particular design, for example, vintage, gothic or modernism or maybe it is your mutual love for Art Deco design and architecture. Entwining your shared admiration for a particular design aesthetic can link your rings together beautifully.

Only you can decide which wedding rings will make you and your partner happy, but you can get some amazing options and assistance from Diamond Engagement Rings to help you select the rings which you both will love.