Getting married is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions of anybody’s life and everybody wants their wedding day to go perfectly well. But, there are a lot of wedding superstitions out there, both good and bad, and many people follow them blindly without knowing the reason behind them. Well, some superstitions are too silly to be followed while others have got some logic behind them. Here, we’ll talk about superstitions you can ignore and why. So, let not the factors like jealousy, evil spirits and bad luck spoil your W-day in the name of superstition. And let the good traditions make way for a good fortune in the coming future.

1. Bride and groom can’t see each other before the wedding

Superstition: As per the superstition, it brings bad luck if the would be couple sees each other before the wedding ceremony. This tradition took birth way back when there was only an arranged marriage culture where the bride and groom never met each other before getting married. And hence, it was believed that if they see each other before the final ceremony, they might back out if they didn’t like what they saw.

Why you shouldn’t follow it: Well, it was a thing of the past, now in the times of online dating, we hardly find couples who haven’t met before. And the so called bad luck was associated with the backing out of the groom on seeing the bride, which isn’t relevant in today’s time. Despite knowing the logic behind this superstition, couples still prefer to follow it because seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony instills a sense of thrill and excitement in them. So guys if you want to feel the adrenaline rush of that emotional first look, go for this SUPERSTITION.

 2. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a Silver Sixpence for Her Shoe

Tradition: This one is a fun tradition where the old represents the bride’s link to her family and the past. She can choose to wear something that is close to her and belongs to her family.

‘Something new’ symbolises good fortune and success in the future. And according to this, the bride is suppose to choose something that is new to wear.

‘Something borrowed’ refers to the gifts showered on the bride by a happily married woman as a token of good fortune and happiness.

‘Something blue’ the colour blue is said to ward off evil.

‘A silver sixpence in her shoe’ while this is often not quoted, it is believed to  refer wealth.


Why you should follow it: Well, we would say who wouldn’t like to follow this tradition! Isn’t it great to have all of this: old, new, borrowed, blue, sixpence?

 3. You’re doomed if you drop the ring

Superstition:  According to the myth, dropping of the wedding ring would bring the death of either the bride or the groom depending on who dropped it. And, if it drops of its own accord, then it is expected of the groom to pick it up in order to counteract the bad luck. Is it why we have ring bearers? Well, while we leave this for you to guess, we’ll tell you about another myth (a positive one) associated with the dropping of the engagement ring; according to some other myth, dropping the ring shakes and releases the evil and negative spirits that leave the couple for not coming back ever.

Why you should and shouldn’t ignore it: Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring is not only an expensive affair, but also an emotional investment (since you buy it from all your heart). You would obviously not want to drop and lose it and hence create an upheaval on your wedding day. So, while we don’t believe that it would bring death, we would surely want to put our faith in the second myth that falling of the ring would ward off evil and negativity to bring happiness and joy to the newly wed. If you want to try the myth, make sure that all the floor vents are closed before you drop your diamond engagement ring.

4. Carrying the bride over the threshold

Superstition: Ancient Romans believed that evil spirits could enter the soles of a bride’s feet, which is why the groom should carry her over the threshold of the couple’s home to protect her.

Why you should do it: Why should you do it, you really want us to answer this? Doesn’t it sound romantic to you; carrying your bride; your soulmate; your partner for life in your arms while you enter your new life, your new home. And like us, if you are pretty sure that evil spirits have nothing do with this, you can also walk hand in hand into your home.

5. You can’t wear pearls on your wedding day


Superstition:  It is said that wearing pearls on your wedding day will make you shed tears as pearls are said to be symbolic of tears in some cultures.

What should you do: If you love pearls, go for it. They never go out of fashion, they compliment every attire and look just great. And if you want to believe the superstition, then also remember the one that says, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a Silver Sixpence for Her Shoe,” and balance the effect of wearing pearls by adopting any of the mentioned.