The tradition of giving Engagement Rings dates back to ancient times. In the recent years, we have seen a great change in the Engagement Ring shopping, ring styles, and ways of presenting this token of love and commitment. Today couples seem excited to celebrate every special moment of their wedding together. The occasions they’re indulging entails shopping their rings together, sharing the cost and interested in selecting unique designs or unconventional shapes that can complement their personality. Not so long ago, it was so easy to choose from limited styles like it can be a princess cut or a round cut, but now we have huge choices out there. Previous generations desired gold, diamonds, and classic settings. New generation women wish for classic rings but with a twist, Tiffany Style Rings, Cushion Cut are just to name a few; some love Vintage Rings over others, there is endless options that are becoming favorite these days.

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There are varieties of Engagement Rings that you can either find at a jewelry store or online! Here in this guide, we’ll talk about the change of Ring purchases, shifting styles & choices and giving a special ring over the past decades.

Unique Rings Over Traditional

These days, brides are switching over to unique shapes, unusual settings, colored gemstones rather sticking to the traditional diamond gold ring. In spite of metals like gold, most couple’s picking platinum or white gold. Couples are making a statement by choosing from the different styles of rings such as Tiffany Style Rings, Vintage Rings, Halo Style and the list goes long.

Advanced Shopping Manner

People want their ring to be unique and special; it should have a story. The way of shopping for an Engagement Ring has changed over the years, moving away from the local jewelry store or a mall to buying online! With the rise of the World Wide Web, you can search and buy a ring online. Brides are taking inspirations from Pinterest, Instagrams, Facebook, or other social media platforms. It allows discovering multiple styles, settings, shapes, gemstones, and you can even find customized designs. Purchasing online are saving lots of bugs as jewelry stores are much more expensive.

A Couple’s Decision

Though all other decisions of the wedding are important, but Engagement Rings has great significance. Brides are not shy anymore discussing choices and settings she adores with their husbands-to-be. Even grooms are open about their choices and want brides to join them. Most couples prefer buying their Engagement Rings together, in these changing economies, they’re even splitting the cost of rings. What more you can expect in love?


Do you want an Engagement Ring that the other girl already has? The answer will definitely be a big No. This has driven most brides-to-be and couples to get their rings customized according to their personal style and budget. People want a ring that can reflect their personality and something which is vintage and modern at the same time.

Though a traditional diamond studded ring is timeless, they can never go out of fashion. But there are varieties of options you can find online, it is highly important to choose an Engagement Ring that can signify your personal style and that you can adore in your complete life. Some of the most favorite rings of 2017’s are Tiffany Style Rings, Eternity Rings, Vintage Style, Halo Rings and more!