Purchase Advice

Let us take you through the confusion of making a diamond purchase, and make it simpler to choose the right diamond for you.

With over 40 years’ experience in diamond cutting and polishing, we feel some colours and clarities are overrated by the industry and do not offer value for money. We do not recommend purchase of an I or lower colour diamond as colour is the most important “C” of any diamond. It would be advisable to either purchase colours D-F (extremely rare) or the colour G which is considered by many experts to be undervalued in price. Again, when it comes to the best value for your money, stay away from Internally Flawless (IF) diamonds unless you are combining the purchase with a D colour. D Flawless stones are extremely rare, and if you can afford this highest quality diamond produced by nature, you should purchase this as prices across the board in DIF quality is extremely firm.

A normal purchase which shows extreme good value for money is the ranges of F colour and VS clarities which is by far, the predominant qualities in demand across Europe and the USA. The Middle East and Far East prefer the VVS qualities as any imperfection is religiously shunned by the Chinese, Indian and Muslim cultures, whereas the Australians and some Americans prefer the SI1 clarities as diamond grading is so strict these days, that, through a naked eye, the SI1 imperfection should not be visible at all, and the price difference between the VS and SI1 clarities is immense.

When making a diamond purchase, immense scrutiny should be put to the CUT grade of the diamond if you are purchasing a round diamond, and the reputation of the diamond laboratory as these determine the fire and "wow" factor of any diamond. I have numerous calls from our distributors being asked to quote a price based on a piece of handwritten paper by another retailer that a so and so colour and clarity is then 20% cheaper than ours. For all you people with sense, there is always a reason why an identical "looking" diamond is cheaper somewhere else. We hand pick all our rough diamonds to select the ones that will result in the best CUT once they are polished into a shape. Our skilled cutters work long hours on each diamond with high tech automated cutting machines to make sure everything we sell to you is of the best quality possible from nature.

We hope this advice would guide you towards your purchase more effectively and should make a diamond selection easier. In summary, first make sure you buy a diamond from a long standing reputable diamond dealer, and then if your budget can afford a D IF diamond, go for it as it will always retain its value, failing that, stick to F colour and VS clarity, or a G colour an SI1 or a clever SI2 stone if you are not bothered by a small minor inclusion in the stone seen only through a 10X magnification loupe. In addition, all our diamonds over a certain value come with independent certification giving you peace of mind. Our ethos as one of the largest diamond dealers in the UK is providing customers with excellent value for money.