Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The cushion cut diamond is one of the oldest cuts still in manufacturing. The right cushion cut diamond has massive celebrity appeal and has been worn throughout history by almost all royalty. Very important diamonds like the Cullinan II is cut into this shape. A cushion shape diamond is the preferred shape for celebrities and savvy consumers. In between a traditional round shape and the square princess cut, this shape is one of the largest selling fancy shape stones at large diamond firms and made ever so popular by marketing campaigns at Tiffany, specially called the “Tiffany Cushions”.

As round brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive shape to cut and polish from rough, consumers sometimes prefer opting for Fancy shape diamonds which retain a higher percentage of the original rough diamond, hence cheaper. When the preference is BETWEEN a round and square diamond, the best option is to go for cushion shapes as they retain the characteristics of the round diamond with curved edges and the square look of the princess cut. This style goes extremely well with the Halo settings  and vintage settings which compliment the antique shape of the central diamond. Here at Diamondengagementrings, we have a large variety of cushion shape engagement rings so feel free to contact us for guidance and move closer to wearing your cushion cut engagement ring from us.