Tiffany Style Rings

Some of the most iconic and simplistic Diamond Engagement Rings have been designed by Charles Lewis Tiffany. The company is a pioneer of jewellery design since the early days and it has never stopped.  The engagement ring story began in 1477 when the Archduke Maximillian I of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with a diamond encrusted ring as a symbol of love and commitment.

Since then, engagement rings have been given by the proposer to his love showing stability, strength and commitment. Tiffany developed an extremely simple although versatile setting to hold the round brilliant cut diamond in. The famous six claw and four claw settings hold the diamond in place letting light to pass through the diamond without obstruction, and we all know that the more light passes through a diamond, the more it sparkles. This most elegant of designs have been sold with various names and similes’ across the globe over the last century although in essence, the consumer knows it as the Tiffany style rings .

We, at Diamondengagementrings have modified the Tiffany version to create our own take on the Tiffany style to make it more affordable to the consumer at large, making the setting less bulky and easier for everyday wear. We use this type of setting for almost all shapes and sizes of diamond as it’s the most simple and elegant design one can offer, and this is one of a few designs that does not take anything away from the central diamond showing it off at its best for size, colour and clarity. If you want a simple albeit elegant engagement ring, choose this setting which will last forever.