Vintage Engagement Rings

The early 60’s and 70’s in the UK and around the Western world was a time for progress, rock and roll and different styles based on antique (1880’s) and art deco (1930’s) themes. This period was exactly the opposite of simplicity, it was all about bling and showbiz. Different designers showed off their skills and talent on different platforms and off the norm was the norm during the period. The settings had carvings built in them, diamonds were set all around the settings and jewellery design was enhanced to show off artistic creativity. Smaller diamonds began to be set around the central diamond in an engagement ring and emphasis was put on creativity rather than simplicity.

There are numerous such designs still in production today although demand for these come from a minority of consumers. Glass cut and Rose cut diamonds have been known to be used as well as rough uncut diamonds as the central diamond to show off something unique and different.

Here at Diamondenagementrings we are proud to offer Vintage Designs which tick most of the boxes for the vintage lover, although our bespoke service may offer customers more of the vintage styles based on individual preferences.